Veneto, the region Taylor and I will be studying in this spring

As part of a short project for class we were asked to interview someone and then write a profile about them in reference to a topic that could either be predetermined or come out during the interview process. For this assignment I chose to interview Taylor, a friend who is also involved in the Italy program here at COA. The interview was more of a conversation than anything else, we talked about what in Italy we were most excited for and how the program fit with our academic focuses here in Maine.

This interview was productive for both Taylor and myself; she got to articulate her ideas for a project and receive feedback in regards to feasibility (location and resources) and I got to practice interviewing, learn about another persons research idea, and spend quality time with a friend.

Writing the profile was interesting and fun, I incorporated ideas, paraphrased statements, and direct quotes from the interview along with knowledge about the Italy program which I have first hand. Since I am also involved in the Italy program I did not have to do any research before the interview which almost made it feel like cheating.